Sunday, December 5, 2010

5th week

This week, I continued do the report and summary for Skill Development Program. I got new data from En.N.Mahendran and I have been recheck the data for do report and summary. After finished, I could record data about assessee that pass in this program for make certificates for them.

For this week also, I and Nurul Bahiah (my practical partner) have been assigned to do monitoring and report for 360 Degree Feedback but until Tuesday only.

After finished recheck, do summary and record data for make certificates, I have been assigned by En.N.Mahendran to do master report for previous data TROS.

On Friday, I have been assigned by Cik Asyikin (Syikin) to prepare name for 89 certificates and print the certificates. After print, I could record the certificates no. in data for certificates file to make sure all the certificates have been printed. But, could not all the certificates printed in that day, I just printed 59 certificates for that day. 

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