Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Internship Experience

Every person will get different experience during their Internship. My experience at TM Training Centre is I got experience how feels to enter the job world because before this I have never got experience in work.

I got experience how to communicate with person like staff in Assessment Centre. We do discussion to complete the task. Through communication, I got many new friends.

Other than that, I got new knowledge with learn new things in internship. For example, before this I not familiar with Microsoft Office Excel but during practical, I learn more things about Microsoft Office Excel like how to using PIVOT.

The things that I learned from my internship that I can bring in the future is as a students or worker, we must have good attitudes. If you have good attitudes, person at around you will be like and comfortable with you.

Punctual is another things that I learn. Every task that we got, we have complete the task on time without waste the time.

Besides that, team work is important. We can learn how to do task/job in team like get brainstorm during meeting. Work in team can make a person become a responsible person for the work and can help each other to complete the task/job.