Sunday, December 12, 2010

6th Week

Continued print certificates and record the no. certificates in TROS report. After finished, I recheck the certificates to make sure all certificates are correct.

On Tuesday is public holiday – Awal Muharam.

I also continued do report for previous data for TROS.

I assigned by En.N.Mahendran to help Kak Ju to do summary for activity Assessment Centre.

On Thursday, I assigned by En.N.Mahendran again to help Kak Ju to do Attendance Summary – Tm Leadership Competency Assessment for Assessors.

Last day for this week, I assigned by Cik Asyikin (Syikin) to do monitoring and report for 360 Degree Feedback Monitoring. I finished do the Monitoring and report on 3pm. On evening, I got new TROS data from En.N.Mahendran. I have been to recheck the data for do TROS report and prepare certificates to assessees who pass in Competency Assessment – Streamyx (TROS).

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