Sunday, December 19, 2010

7th Week

On Monday, I have been assigned by En. N,Mahendran to print new certificates for 3 assessees TROS because the certificates have error.

Beside that, I continued recheck and do TROS report for last week data TROS. After recheck, I prepare name that pass in TROS on certificates and print the certificates.

For this week, I got 7 new TROS data (67 names of assesses) and I have been to do the same task (recheck, do report, prepare name and print certificates).

On Thursday, my academic supervisor (Madam Aelya Zetty bt Zainal Kassim) from college came to visit me at Assessment Centre, TM Training Centre. Alhamdulillah, the visiting it’s going very well. I got positive comment about my performance at Assessment Centre from my supervisor (En. N.Mahendran).

Thank you to En. N.Mahendran and Madam Aelya Zetty bt Zainal Kassim.

In this week also, I assigned to do summary for TROS. This summary is to know how many assesses attended, pass, and fail in TROS assessment.

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