Saturday, November 27, 2010

4th Week

Early in the Monday morning, I do the report and summary for Skill Development Program – TROS to know how much person fail and pass in this program. After finished, I want to continued recheck and update data but I can’t access the system because system have problem “database of system is down for maintenance” or “error”. So, I can’t be continued my recheck and update data and I taken this time to touch up my blog for practical.

On Tuesday, I have been assigned by Cik Asyikin (Syikin) to do 360 Degree Feedback Monitoring for Sub Company under TM. I should extract is 6 sub company. Actually, Sub Company under TM has 11 companies and all Sub Company must be extract but, half of the company has made by Nurul Bahiah (my practical partner). What should I do is, I have been to do extract for all bands (band 1-band 4 and above) follow by sub company name.

On evening, I have been assigned to do 2rd 360 Degree Feedback Monitoring for TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (Unit TM Training Centre) and under TM Training Centre have 12 sub units. Cik Asyikin divides the sub unit by 2 to me and Nurul Bahiah (my partner practical), so I got TTC SARAWAK REGION, TTC SABAH REGION, TTC SOUTHERN REGION, TTC NORTHREN REGION, TTC EASTREN REGION and STRATEGIC BUSINESS & TRAINING MANAGEMENT. I should extract band 1-3 follow by sub unit name.

On Wednesday morning, I have been assigned to do same task (360 Degree Feedback Monitoring) that I do on Tuesday evening but I have to do extract different sub unit and I have do report for this monitoring. On 12 am, I continued extract and do report 360 Degree Feedback Monitoring for TM, ACASIA, and Sub Company under TM.

Thursday, I have appointment with doctor and I got MC from HUKM for this day.

Friday, I do the same task on Tuesday and Wednesday with do monitoring and report for 360 Degree Feedback. But, Cik Asyikin assigned me and Nurul Bahiah (my practical partner) do for TM, ACASIA, and Sub Company under TM.

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