Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Week

At the Monday morning, I have been touch up my schedule for TM Leadership Competency Assessment Live Run Batch 3 to make sure the schedule is correctly. Then, I continued recheck the assessees result to Skill Development Program - TROS.

For this week, I have been assigned by Cik Asyikin to recheck data 360 degree feedback whether is same or not with data in ms excel that has given by Cik Asyikin and update data if the data in ms excel is not have in system 360 degree feedback. 

To start my task, firstly I have to browse TM system website and go the 360 degree feedback to do the recheck and update data.They have many any folders such as TM SME folder, TM Wholesale folder, TM GOVT folder and another. I started my task from TM Wholesale. 

Beside that, i learn how to install  the printer software in my laptop from Nurul Bahiah.  Lastly, my laptop has the printer software and i can print document.

For this week, i finished my recheck and update data until TM SME band 2.

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